Sunday, October 29, 2006

Autumn Festival

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to advertise my quilting class at the Autumn Festival held at the Veterens Memorial Senior Center where I teach. It was an Open House event held on Saturday. They had about 25 boutique vendor booths, food, and various types of entertainment. The Center asked its instructors if they wanted to have a booth to advertise their classes. Barbara Hall, who teaches the quilting class on Monday afternoons, and I decided to split our time at the event with a "booth" showcasing some of our class projects. We handed about quite a few flyers and it looks like we will be getting some new students in January. I was a little surprised at how interested some people were in taking the classes. I snapped a picture of Barbara in the booth before I took over my shift. It was a pleasant day and I got to talk to a lot of very nice people.

On another note, our table was across from the Watercolor instructor, Guy Magallanes. What an amazing talent he is! He has a sparkling personality and huge talent. I hear that his class is very popular and is always very full. Check out his website if you have time.

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Karen Dianne Lee said...

Kathy, this is so neat. I'm Guy's cousin. You have exactly captured his essence with your words. Also, I should share that its just such a small world because I'm a Quilter, too!!!