Monday, April 02, 2007

You can call me Al

Here is a charming story (blog post, really) about Al, an 89-year old former WWII POW, who has gotten hooked on making string quilts. Why string quilts, you ask? It's part of the Heartstrings Quilt Project that coordinates quilters to make string quilts for charity. There are certain guidelines for making blocks that you can send in for others to sew together. Or you can put together quilt tops yourself (where you don't have to follow the guidelines) and then you can send them to a volunteer longarmer who will quilt it and send it on to the charity. (The guidelines are in place for individual blocks so that there is some consistency when they are assembled with the others.) Check out the website for all of the information. I've been setting aside scrap strips for a while now for this project, but I fear I won't get to it until they add that 25th hour in each day.

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