Sunday, September 09, 2007

Vacation Days 5 & 6

Last days of vacation. So sad. We ended up in Ashland, Oregon -- one of my favorite places in the world. Unfortunately, it was unusally HOT there -- well over 100 degrees! That's hotter than it got in Redwood City all summer. The heat was annoying, but Lance had read that it was going to rain. I really didn't think it would happen... We saw two plays: Tartuffe by Moliere and As You Like It by Shakespeare. We saw Tartuffe the evening we got there and it was wonderful. Very well done. The next day we saw a matinee of As You Like It. Just after the intermission as we were watching the play, I could hear a sound getting louder and louder. I finally figured out that it was raining, and we could hear it inside the theater. Then the power went out but only for a moment. I'm guessing they had a generator or something because the lights went back on, but only house lights -- the stage was still dark. The show must go on as they say, and that it did. They continued on through to the end that way and just as they were taking their final bow, the lights came back on. Oh well. They did an admirable job - true professionals. It was very well done as well. It was the original words, but set in Depression era '30s. However, I am finding many of his comedies to be very similar to each other. I felt as if I had seen much of this play before and better (Shakespeare's fault, not the production...) but that's just my opinion.

Here are a couple of pictures of downtown Ashland. Unfortunately, we did not take many.

Below are pictures of the duck pond at Lithia Park which is right next to the Shakespeare festival stages. I didn't realize until this trip just how big the park was. We attempted to find a geocache in this park but got caught in the rain. We made our wet way over to a restaurant before the rain started in too heavily and while we were inside it started to pour down with hail!
The day we left we tried to find the cache again and got very close, but it was right by this duck pond and there were just too many people around to make the grab. Oh well. At least we got to see these ducks. There were at least 100 ducks there.

And then finally another shot of Mt. Shasta on our way home. Another great road trip! Can't wait for the next one...

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