Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vacation Quilt Shops

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit many quilt shops on our recent vacation. Not as many as I wanted, of course, but enough to keep me happy. I am very fortuante to have a patient husband.

The first one we hit was in Jacksonville, OR, called Country Quilts. It was mostly an acutal quilt shop, where they sold completed quilts, but they did have some fabric and patterns there as well. They had a back room that was amazing. There had to be over 100 quilts piled in there -- all wonderful. I wasn't in the market for a fully made quilt, but I still had fun poking around in there. I didn't even think about taking a picture of that room until after we were long gone, but I did get a shot of the outside (above). Oh and I was chatting with the people there about quilting and they gave me a free fat quarter just because I was a fellow quilter. Such nice people!

The next shop I visited was not until toward the end of our journey, in Ashland, OR. I believe it is fairly new, becuase I do not remember seeing it there when we visited two years ago. It is called Fabric of Vision and it is right on Main Street. It is a tiny little store chock full of lots of beautiful fabrics. I had a nice chat with the owner and bought a few items. A nice shop that I would definitely visit again!

The next day I went to Quiltz, which is also in Ashland. I visited this shop last time and boy is it great! It is very large and has really good lighting (very important when choosing fabric). They have a small room in the back with sale fabric -- I couldn't resist getting a couple of yards from in there. As it turned out, almost every fabric I chose had an animal in the print, and they happened to be having a sale on any kind of animal print. Extra bonus!

Finally on the drive home I stopped at Sew What! in Redding, CA on the recommendation of my friend Lori. (I'm pretty sure this is the right one???) I was finally able to find a good border fabric for a quilt I've been working on here, so it was definitely a good stop!

I did try to hit a couple of others... The Purple Pincushion in Grant's Pass, OR was just a few blocks from where we were staying, but they were closed on the only day I could get there. There was also a shop in Medford that I went to last time, but I couldn't remember the name and after driving all over the city (and briefly losing my wedding ring -- a story for another day), we decided to skip it.

That does it for my quilting travels. But not for long (I hope)!

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