Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Creative Blogs

July seems to be the month for sewing in Blogland. There are two blogs that I like that are celebrating sewing and crafting with great links and tutorials this month. The first is Sew Mama Sew!, which I've mentioned before. A great website that you can get lost in, with all of the links to creative people and projects.

The next is one that I just found recently, called WhipUp. They are having their "how-to month" with lots of links to tutorials. These may not necessarily be sewing projects, but definitely crafty and fun to look around.

I'm inspired to create now -- too bad I'm stuck at work all day!

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Cat said...

i just found whip up not long ago too! i haven't had the time yet to really investigate it, but it looks awesome and has helped me find a couple sewing patterns in just a quick skim. woo!