Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation Day 5

Wednesday we explored Zion National Park. At this time of the year you can only drive through the park (which we did on Tuesday on our way to Bryce), but to hike around and explore, you need to take a free shuttle bus (after you pay to get into the park). It actually is a really nice system, where the shuttle comes around every 6 - 8 minutes. You can stay on it all of the way around the circuit, or you can get off at any of the stops and hike on the trails and pick up the next one when you are done. We got off a couple of times where there were shorter trails. It was over 100 degrees yet again, and hiking very far was rough. I don't think I've ever drank so much water in my life!! We did get off at this stop (below) where there was water seeping down the mountains. They made a walkway so that you could walk behind where the water was dripping down. It was refreshing to be behind there in the heat. It was strange to be in the desert-type climate and then see the water slowly falling down only in that one area.

If you drive through in your own car, you need to go through a mile-long tunnel that was built in 1930. They had to make holes in the side of the tunnel for light and air and also to push out the rubble as they were building. We saw the "window" first and couldn't figure out what it was until we got to a sign explaining it. When we got to the tunnel, we all had to stop our cars and wait for the wide motorhomes to come through from the opposite direction. Apparently if you are too wide for two-way traffic, you have to pay $15 dollars and you get an escort through the tunnel. Fortunately we were in the shade when we had to wait.

Today we relax! I'll be scouting out the quilt shops in town -- it looks like there are three right here in St. George! More on that tomorrow!!

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Bubba said...

the views are spectaculur, and 3 quilts shops in town, you must be in heaven!

Bear misses you guys too.

Its moms b-day on saturdy the 16th, are you guys gonna feel up to doing something when you get home, or would you like to do somthing with her later on??

Looking forward to the report on how everything was at the house, please take some pic's of the interior..steve