Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stash Busting Pledge for 2009

Okay, it's the last day of the year and I've finally decided to commit -- in writing, no less -- to busting my fabric stash this year. Last year I kept this goal in the back of my mind, but didn't make much of a actual dent. But then, I wasn't a very prolific quilter last year. About a month ago I was looking for a particular piece of fabric and I ended up pulling bin after bin after box after bag of fabric. It really started to hit home just how much fabric I have. For the most part, I have my colors separated into large conainers, but if something gets pulled out, it usually doesn't go back in -- instead it gets tucked into a corner or on a shelf out of site. It makes it difficult to see just how much I have. Unfortunately, long ago when I would collect fabric, I would only buy small pieces, which are more difficult to use when planning a new quilt. A lot of us bloggers are having the same problem, so Judy Laquidara is trying to help us all out through her blog. She did the same last year and I enjoyed hearing of everyone's stash-busting efforts. This year I'll join in and we'll see how I do. Wish me luck!!

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