Sunday, July 05, 2009

Stash Busting 2009 - Week 27

Here's another report that's a week old already! Last week was the summer class session that I wasn't able to help teach due to work constraints. But because it was Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I was able to join the gang on Saturday and do a little sewing. The class is usually a mixture of students from the afternoon class and the evening class, so some people I only get to see once a year, and others I haven't seen in only a week or two. This session was held at a local quilt shop, and you can see some of their class samples hanging on the walls. I took some pictures of the ladies working. You can see my mom on the right and Erna Koch on the left working away in the first picture. Erna used to teach the class that I teach now.

And here's a few of the evening students working and chatting. Left to right is Karina, Susan, Joan and also Cece from the afternoon class.

I was finally able to get some sewing done today, even though I had a three day weekend. I put the borders on the quilt that I've been working on most recently, so the 1 1/3 yards I bought last week are now officially "out". No purchases this week!

Fabric in this week: 0.00 yards
Fabric out this week: 1.33 yards

Fabric in this year: 19.83 yards
Fabric out this year: 17.00 yards

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