Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Well here we are again -- a new year, a new decade. It seems like we were just waking up to 2009. Or for that matter, like we were just waking up to 2000. This year certainly did not turn out like I thought it would on the last January 1st. I lost my job of 11 years but found a new one, and in fact worked both for a while. The learning curve was steep, but I've been working through it and just completed my first year-end at the new company.

My class continued with great success. I'm so happy with the group -- we're constantly adding new students into the fold. They do me proud and produced lots of amazing quilts this past year. I worked hard on my stashbusting efforts. With what time I did have to quilt, I concentrated on using stash and scraps. I just completed a scrappy nine-patch quilt for the next session that I am very happy with. I tried to post my stash usage and additions. I lost track toward the end of the year, but by my calculations, I came out about even with how much I used versus how much I added. I'm pleased with this -- past years have all seen lots of fabric added, so this is progress. I'll be starting with the stash tracking anew in 2010.

I went on an unintended blogging break toward the end of the year. I still have lots to share from the past year: quilt shows, vacation and my "big" birthday. I'll share those with you in the coming days.

I have decided that my main goal for 2010 is to work on some UFO's. Stash busting will still be a major focus, as well as completing two projects that will have deadlines. I'll keep you posted on how that all goes, of course. But for now, onwards and upwards! Happy New Year, and thanks for sticking with me and reading my blog!

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Robin said...

Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a lot of transitions going on last year. And you still got so much accomplished! I don't know that I'll manage much stashbusting this next year, but I hope to at least use more than I add to the fabric pile. :)