Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday 01/31/11

Here's my design "table" for today.  I prepped a block to work on tonight in class (along with some Dear Jane blocks that I also prepped).  This is going to be a Woven Heart block as shown in this tutorial.  I'm not sure what it will become, but I thought I would make one to start and see if any of the students would be interested in a Valentine's project using it (to be determined). We are getting awfully close to the 14th, so it may not happen, but it will be nice to have one block made.  It also helps that I still have my big bag of pink fabric scraps sitting on my work table.

To see the fabric basket I made from last week's Design Wall Monday, see this post.

Check out Judy L's blog to see what is on everyone else's design walls!


Chris said...

Thanks for sharing the tutorial. They are cute blocks and seem easy to make. My daughter is a Valentines baby so maybe she needs one....LOL

Robin said...

Fun! I've been eyeing that tutorial as well. But my list is beyond huge and overwhelming. So-- I'll just have to enjoy yours! :)

manav vikash vigyan aur adytam said...