Monday, November 07, 2011

Design Wall Monday 11/07/11

Foundation paper piecing never looks like much before the sections are all sewn together.  Above is what I am currently working on.  Not very exciting!  It will eventually be a Dear Jane block.  It's another one of the simpler ones.  I really need to start on the difficult ones so that they are not all left to the end.

Check out Judy L's blog to see what everyone else is working on this week!


kwiltnkats said...

I was surprised when you said this was to be a DJ block. Looks too big for a DJ project, but you are probably showing a very up close photo (wink)! I with you on getting the easy ones done first :)! it comes back to get you at the end all the HARD ones! Sandi

AnnieO said...

DJ has so many different blocks that look terribly difficult it would be hard to choose "easy" ones, to me! Which is why I will probably never attempt one :)

Hope they all come together just as you planned :)

Robin said...

Nice! You are rolling with the Jane blocks lately. :)