Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mystery Monday #3 Finished

We finished up the third installment of Mystery Mondays from the This & That blog.  Another fun one!  Each Monday a new step is released.  The steps are very short, which is perfect because I have so many things in progress right now.  Above is the one I completed - all from stash!  I'll have something to count out this Sunday!  I chose a large autumn leaf print as my focus fabric and chose the other colors from there.

I've been doing these mystery projects with my friend Lori.  She's in my Monday night quilting class, so it works out perfectly!  I print the clues and bring them to class that very day.  We were putting our final stiches in the border at the same time.  Below is Lori's version.  She chose a wonderful Spring daisy print for her focus fabric.  Now all we need is a Summer and Winter version and we'll have the year covered!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday 03/26/12

No Just Takes 2 blocks on today's Design Wall.  Instead I have blocks for a new project that I'm working on.  I drafted it out in EQ7 and it will be for my upcoming quilting class starting in a few weeks.  Unfortunately, I fell behind on the many projects that I'm trying to keep up with because I was down with the stomach flu this week.  It just wiped me out for a few days.  I still didn't feel much like sewing this weekend, but I did do a little on Saturday and then quite a bit on Sunday.  If I work on it steadliy this week after work, I should be in pretty good shape.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall Monday 03/19/12

I'm plugging away at the Just Takes 2 project.  Two more blocks done this week.  Now I'm knee deep in the feathered star block.  I was concerned about all of the pieces in the feathered star, so I found a foundation pattern for the same block.  It's still a lot of pieces, but I feel much more comfortable with this piecing method.  This one will take a while.  The next block that was just released is a compass block that is supposed to be hand pieced.  I'm on the fence about hand piecing, so I may change out that block entirely.  I've been struggling to keep up, and I'm not sure that I have time to learn a new technique and still keep up.

Not shown on my Design Wall/Table is my almost-complete Mystery Mondays project.  Today is another clue, and I believe it is the last, since we only have borders left to add.  Maybe one more after today.  It's super cute and my friend Lori is working on the same project.  The two quilts look so different in the completely different colors!  I'll try to grab a picture of both tonight in class and post soon.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stash Busting 2012 Week 12

No picture today - just a quick post to report my stash busting efforts!  I had forgotten that a couple of weeks ago I finished a baby quilt top that took about 2 yards of fabric - all from stash!!  I can't show it until class starts next month, but it's super cute!  Hopefully more stash to be busted soon!

Fabric in this week:  0.00 yards
Fabric in this year: 1.75 yards

Fabric out this week:  2.00 yards
Fabric out this year:  6.50 yards

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free TQS Shows for National Quilting Day!

I have been a member of The Quilt Show since it began, and have loved the quilt community they have created there.  They release online shows every two weeks that are very informative and always motivate me to get sewing.  I have learned a lot of new techniques watching the shows.  And the best part is that you can watch the shows at your leisure once they are released.  Well this weekend they are opening up almost all of the shows for free!  Below is copied from a message sent by Alex Anderson:

In honor of International Quilt Day (March 17, 2012),The Quilt Show (, the web TV show hosted Ricky Tims and myself, will "open" all of its shows from the first nine series--that is, from show 100 through show 913--for the entire weekend of March 16-18. This means that–for three special days–everyone will have the chance to view these 117 shows, featuring some of the quilting world’s leading artists, for FREE.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 03/12/12

Two more blocks finished for the Just Takes 2 project.  I'm not crazy about how they came out, but they'll be fine in the end.  Sometimes I'm overly critical of my work.  Now, looking at the picture, I'm liking them both a little more.  I have another block that is about half way finished.  I didn't realize how much work this project was going to be when I first started.  When I do get caught up, we'll be 22 blocks into the quilt.  I think I read that we'll be putting together a quarter of the quilt later this month.  But first I'll need to takle the feathered star block.  One step at a time!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stash Busting 2012 - Week 11

I haven't been posting Stash Busting reports lately because I've been really good about not buying any fabric.  However, I did buy a little today.  I headed out to Joann's to buy some batting for a quilt, and decided to pick up a few blue fat quarters for my Just Takes 2 project.  I also finally broke down and bought a piece of fabric that I had been looking at for months.  I knew that if I waited any longer, it would be gone for good.  So I got a half yard of that one.  I've already used almost a whole fat quarter since buying it earlier today, so I'm not too concerned about adding to my stash.

Here's where I stand now:

Fabric in this week:  1.50 yards
Fabric in this year:  1.75 yards

Fabric out this week:  0.00 yards
Fabric out this year:  4.50 yards

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Design Wall Monday 03/05/12

I am finally caught up on all of the parts of the current Mystery Mondays project from the This and That blog.  I was so mad at myself because I had mis-cut some pieces of the four churn dash blocks and they came out 1/4" too small.  I had to re-make all of those blocks, which I did this weekend.  Fortunately I had plenty of fabric still in my stash.  Now I'm ready for today's clue!

I am also still working on the Just Takes 2 project, but I don't have any more completed blocks yet.  Last week's pattern set had the most challenging block yet, a feathered star.  I've always wanted to make one of those, so I'm excited about that.  I have a few blocks to make before I get to that one, though.

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