Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear Jane - H5

This is another Dear Jane block that I finished up today.  Most of the piecing was arleady done earlier this week, but I needed to do some easing to get the side pieces to fit.  Even though foundation paper piecing is very precise, it can still be tricky - especially when you have to put pieced sections together.  After some fussing, I'm happy with how it turned out.  Those little triangles in the corners are very tiny!!  I now have 35 blocks made.  Only 190 to go...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear Jane - I9

I finished this Dear Jane block this past week, but I just squared it up today.  It's funny because it looks out of shape in the photo.  I think it's an illusion because the larger triangles are not 90 degree angles, but the sides are.  The other funny thing about this block is that there are little white triangles on two of the outer corners.  These could have easily been eliminated by extending the white fabric from the sides of the triangles out to the corners.  The ladies in class and I were surmising that in the original quilt, Jane Stickle was probably a little short of fabric on those two corners and added a bit to make it the proper size.  And now we are all adding tiny bit of fabric to make the blocks just like hers.  I was stumped as to whether to do it her way or my way.  At the risk of never finishing the block, I made the decision to add the fabric like she did.

This was all foundation pieced, which is my favorite technique.  It has a lot of tiny pieces, but as long as you keep plugging along, it gets finished and looks great.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Design Wall Monday 05/14/12

Tiny gifts!  This weekend I was sewing with my Mom and sister on these little gift blocks.  We each made different sized blocks.  At this stage, mine are a little under 4" unfinished.  They will have a border around them to make them 4" finished.  My sister made 5" blocks, and my Mom made 6" blocks.  We had fun going through piles of fabrics that we all brought and mixing and matching to make cute packages.  The finished pattern is one my sister and I are developing, and will have another block mixed in.  I'll wait to reveal the entire project once we are farther along.  But trust me - it will be very cute!  That's about all of the sewing I did all week.  We had a great time at our Mother's Day Sewing Day!

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Monday, May 07, 2012

Design Wall Monday 05/07/12

I seem to have fewer and fewer things on my Design Wall these days!  I really tried to get another Dear Jane block made, but the weekend ended up busier than I planned.  I have the center portion and part of the top portion made of one block.  I should be able to finish that up in class tonight.  The last block I had made is still sitting there.  I need to "file" that away with the rest of the completed blocks.  I did some work on my master color chart for this quilt.  I scanned it and put big black stars over the completed blocks.  I have over 30 made now and it's a great motivator to keep going.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dear Jane - L7

Here's another quickie Dear Jane block that I finished last night. The scanner washed out a bit of the color, but it's fairly accurate. I think I'll pick another block to work on next. Hmm. Which will it be... Perhaps I should work on an intricate one so I don't make all of the easy ones first and leave the difficult ones to the end!

Dear Jane - B4

I love how this Dear Jane block turned out!  It was pretty fast to put together once I had made the kit for it.  I got this orange fabric at the PIQF quilt show last year and I think it's just lovely.  Yes, my sewing mojo is starting to come back!  I got another block done last night as well.  I'll post that one next.