Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm Back!

I've been gone for a while, as you may have noticed.  A lot of things happened while I was away.  First and foremost, my husband and I moved to a new city.  This is the first time we've owned a house and we're very excited about it.  It was a lot of work all around, from searching for houses, to putting offers on many homes, to finally moving out of our rented townhouse of 11 years and into our new home.  All of this happened in the first half of the year, but at the same time I travelled for work, sprained my ankle, and was the sole project manager for my company's software conversion.  Of course there were a lot of others things going on as well, but this is what I've been doing in a nutshell.  Sewing went by the wayside for a good period of time. The nice thing is that I now have a dedicated sewing room/area.  One thing about moving is that you get to see just how MUCH fabric you have.  I didn't count, but I gave away at least 10 yards of fabric (probably a lot more than that), and generally got it all in one place.  I started sewing again about a month ago and I'm getting acquainted with my new sewing environment.  I may still change some things around, but for now I'm pretty pleased with the layout.

I'll try to get back to a regular blog posting schedule.  Blogger stopped working with my old computer, and it has been a struggle to get going again.  But things are looking up.  Work is starting to even out and some days I even get to go home on time!  Which is also a joy because we moved much closer to my work - so no more commute!

I'll be back soon with some quilty posts!