Monday, December 08, 2014

Design Wall Monday 12-08-14

Not a lot of time for sewing these days.  I was able to find some time on Saturday to start on a quick project for class.  The strip set squares on the right are for the new project, but that is not how they are going to go together.  I just put them up there so I could track how many I had made.  Hopefully it will be another project created completely from my fabric stash.  Not sure if I have fabric for a border that I will like, so I may have to buy a piece for that.  I always forget that it takes much longer to work from scraps.  Most of my time was spent pulling pieces, ironing, and cutting.  But now I can go to town on sewing it together.

I've stalled on my wreath.  I already did the hard part, which was making all of those half-square triangles.  I just need to sew them together with the background.  I don't think I'll have it ready to hang this year.  I need to focus on getting my class projects finished first.  January is right around the corner!

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Robin said...

It is hard to be productive this time of year-- so much going on! But your design wall sure makes it look like you're busy! Scrap projects are definitely time consuming, but they are most gratifying... it feels good to use that stash! :)