Monday, April 13, 2015

Design Wall Monday 04/13/15

I did some power sewing this weekend!  The blocks on the design wall above are all separate in the picture, but are one complete quilt top right now.  I moved around a couple of blocks after the picture was taken.  I did manage to turn one block in the bottom row on Saturday night, which got sewn into the quilt top.  I had to un-sew three sides to get it turned the right way again.  Urgh!  This quilt it a departure for me.  I usually work on a much smaller scale and prefer to work on smaller pieces.  The colors are not my norm either.  I thought I'd try something new and not be so predictable.  I will be teaching this one in my quilting class that starts tonight!

Above is what I had to pull off my design wall in order to work on the quilt at the top of the blog.  I got the last of the blocks of the runner sewn together and the border sewn on.  Eventually there will be brown binding on the runner to frame it.  I may also trim down the border a little bit before I bind it.  I'll see how it looks on the table after quilting and make my decision then.  I will also be teaching this project in tonight's class.

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swooze said...

Love your quilt top. Are those batiks?