Monday, July 27, 2015

Design Wall Monday 07/27/15

I had a busy week last week, and only got one block finished for the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.  That keeps me up to date, but I have two blocks to make before next Friday.  Below is the block I made, Kitchen Window.

To get a sense of the scale of the blocks, I took a picture next to my rotary cutter.  They are all 6 1/2" at this point (6" finished).  I think we're about half way done now.  I did also cut out some pieces for another quilt that I'm starting for class.  Gotta get busy!!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Design Wall Monday 07/20/15

Two more blocks added to the Design Wall today!  These are from the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.  I'm having a great time with these little 6" blocks, and they have reinvigorated my desire to sew.  I am determined to keep up with this sew along. A lot of times in the past I would get hung up on choosing colors or finishing a difficult block, and I would stall on sew alongs - never finishing the projects.  But my desire to keep up with this one has pushed me to make decisions more quickly and I'm loving it!  I haven't been disappointed with any color or construction decisions I've made for this quilt.  Hopefully this will carry over to future projects.

Below is the Haystack block.  I was able to fussy cut the center to match two other blocks.  They are all the same motif, but different color ways.

Next was the Kettle's On! block.  The print for the teapot did not come from the charm packs I've been using because the piece is slightly larger than what I could cut from a 5" square.  I do love the print, though, and have used it in the Baking Day block also.

One more block to make to be caught up until the next blocks are presented on Friday.  It's a pretty simple block, so I should have no problem getting that one finished in time.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Design Wall Monday 07/13/15

I have a few new additions to the Farm Girl Vintage sew along quilt.  So far, so good on keeping up with the sew along!  The three I've added are the Furrows Block (below), which consisted of 8 flying geese units.  I'm trying to sneak in some of the larger scale prints from my charm packs.  With all of the tiny pieces, it is a challenge to use the charms with large prints.

Next up is the Gingham Block.  I searched around in my fabric stash for two shades of the same color that would bring out the gingham look.  I think I did okay.  I've been using a lot of orange in the blocks, so I think I'll try to stay away from that color for a while.  I don't want the quilt to be too dominantly orange.

And finally I made the Grandma's Quilt Block.  I have been keeping all of the smallest scraps from cutting the previous blocks, and I was able to use some in this block.

I have the next block cut out and just need to sew it together.  It is a quick one, so I should have that one done in no time.  What a fun summer sewing project!!

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Monday, July 06, 2015

Design Wall Monday 07/06/15

I'm still hanging in there on the Farm Girl Vintage sew along!  I got the Feed and Seed block (above) finished on Friday.  I had the entire block made earlier in the week except for sewing on one of the outer rows.  I could tell it wasn't going to fit, so I put off sewing it on.  I was off on Friday for the holiday and decided to tackle it.  I made a minor adjustment in on of the seams and then it went together no problem.  Lots of pieces in that one!

Then I got down to business on the Fresh Pears block. I thought I'd breeze through this one, but there are a lot of pieces in this one too!  It looks a little funky right now due to the seam allowances around the outside, but it will look great when sewn into the quilt.

Next up are flying geese and the gingham block.  I have the fabrics chosen for the gingham block already.  I just need to cut out and sew.  I'll use scraps I've been saving from the other blocks to make the flying geese block.

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