Monday, October 12, 2015

Design Wall Monday 10/12/15

I'm back in the sewing saddle!  I was able to clear off my design wall and put the Farm Girl Vintage blocks back up there.  Looking good!  I guess my little sewing break was longer than I thought - the sew along is over now and I'm still 12 blocks short.  There are 45 in the sampler, and it looks like I have 33 finished.  This weekend I decided to go out of order to ease back into sewing. I made the Simple Star block below.  Now I have some design decisions to make.  For example, I need to decide if I am going to make the Strawberry block pink like it is in the book, or red.  Pink would balance out the colors in the quilt more, but I am not sure if I have enough different pinks to make a whole strawberry block.  I have lots of red fabrics, but there is a lot of red in the quilt already. We'll see how it turns out...

I did also make a sunflower block for my husband.  He has a variety of little quilts I've made him in his cubicle at work, but wanted something to represent summer.  He chose this block from the book a while ago and I've finally put it together. Now to trim the edges, do some light quilting and then bind.  This is a 6" block.

Be sure to check out Judy L's blog to see what everyone else has on their design walls today!


Shari said...

Your Farm Girl is adorable.

Threeundertwo said...

Your quilt is wonderful. I think you'd be fine going with reds! It's really lovely.