Monday, January 25, 2016

Design Wall Monday 01/25/16

I saw this block recently and really liked it.  It is really easy to make, so I am using it for the Block Lottery for my class.  Other than that, no sewing again for me.  One day after work I did get the itch to work on something, so I cut out a block for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  I got all of the pieces cut and planned to sew them together the next day, but that didn't happen.  I'm hoping to get it sewn together tonight.  I'm bummed that I have not had much to show on my blog lately.  I think about sewing all day during work, but by the time I get home I'm usually too tired.  Hopefully when it starts warming up and stays light later, I'll be able to sew after work.  I did really well last year and got a lot accomplished, so I hope to get back in that groove.

I did make a really good soup yesterday.  It was butternut squash soup made in the crock pot.  It has a green apple in it that made it a little sweet.  I will definitely make it again, but I will probably use chicken stock instead of vegetable stock.  Good stuff!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Design Wall Monday 01/18/16

I didn't get any sewing done this past week.  Still not feeling great from being sick the week before.  I took the leftover blocks from the top I finished last week and put them up on the design wall.  I had 15 blocks, so I need to piece one more to have the four by four setting.  The pieces in the lower left hand side are not sewn together - I just put them up there to fill out the setting.  I may or may not use those prints.  I will sew these together and finish it up as a baby quilt for donation.  I like how I could use the same blocks as last week and turn them a different way to get a different design.

That's all from me on the quilting front.  Please be sure to check out Judy L's blog to see what is on everyone's design walls today.  Also linking up with Let's Bee Social on Wednesday and Quilt Story on Tuesday.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Design Wall Monday 01/11/16

I finished a quilt top yesterday.  It almost didn't come together, though.  I ended up catching whatever bug has been going around and it thoroughly kicked my butt for a while.  I am thankful that it wasn't worse - this time last year I was getting over my second cold of the season and those both lasted a couple of weeks.  This time I was knocked out for about three days, but was still weak and out of it for several more.  I do have my class preview night tonight, so I had to push through and get this project done.  It's a design that's been floating around the Internet for a while now in various forms.  Most recently it was featured on the Fat Quarter Shop's blog.  Their version was bigger.  I did make enough blocks to make their version, but it was just too big.  Now I have enough leftover blocks to make a baby quilt, so no worries there.  It was so fast and easy - it uses charm squares, so most of the cutting was already done.  I pulled the white-on-white print out of my stash.  Hooray for stash busting!! That piece is completely gone now - I used every bit with no scraps leftover.

That was all I managed to accomplish this week.  Be sure to check out Judy L's blog to see what everyone is working on this week.  Also linking up with Let's Bee Social and Quilt Story later this week.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Design Wall Monday 01/04/16

Well I've been sewing away but I guess I only grabbed a picture of one small project.  Oh well.  This is a block from the Farm Girl Vintage book that I made a few months ago in the 6" size (finishes at 8" square with borders).  My husband has a few minis hanging in his cubicle at work, and apparently they seem to follow the seasons.  Over the summer (!) he asked for a summer mini quilt to hang up.  I was working on the FGV quilt very regularly then, and so I handed him the book and asked him to pick a block.  He chose this one and said he really wanted it to look like a sunflower (the one I made for the quilt has very different coloring).  I put it off and then eventually made the block, which sat for a couple of months. Over this past holiday weekend I decided to take it off the UFO pile and get it finished.  I had even cut a backing fabric already!  I layered it, did some light quilting in the ditch, and put the binding on in no time.  He gave me a little grief about the fact that it is not summer anymore, but I could tell he was happy to have it.  Sometimes I have such a problem finishing things that don't have a deadline - especially when they are really close to being done.  I guess in my mind I've already moved on to the next thing.  I'm going to try to dig out a few UFOs and finish them soon. I've also been putting off getting my sewing machine serviced.  My class preview is a week from today and I need to get going on those projects.  One is almost finished - just need to sew the rows together.  And another needs to move from my head into fabric.  I've got a lot of work cut out for me!!

Be sure to check out Judy L's blog to see what everyone is working on today. Also linking up with Let's Bee Social on Wednesday and Quilt Story on Tuesday.