Monday, March 28, 2016

Design Wall Monday 03/28/16

I got two more Farm Girl Vintage blocks finished this week.  Just one more to go!!  Above is the Honey Bee block, which is a block pattern that I purchased separately from the book.  I just love it - I think it is one of my favorite blocks in the whole quilt.  The pattern had blue fabric instead of black for the bee's stripes.  I decided to go with black, although I was a little concerned because I don't have black anywhere else in the quilt.  I still love it and I think it will look fine.  There are little antennae that I'll embroider later.

I also finally finished the strawberry block!  Boy, when a block isn't going well, it ends up being difficult all the way to the end!  First I had trouble finding enough reds for the block.  Then I lost some pieces.  Then when I was sewing it together, the rows were coming out crooked and the wrong size.  It was a bear, but I think it looks great now.  I took the time to un-sew a few times to get it right - otherwise it would bother me forever.  It's funny because it is very similar to the pumpkin block, and that one went together like a dream.  Go figure.

This week I was able to grab a picture of my entire design wall.  Once I get the Farm Girl blocks sewn together with sashing and cornerstones, I still need to piece an inner border which consists of lots and lots of flying geese units.  I'll worry about those when I get to them!  Also on my wall are the four house blocks for the Crossroads quilt along.  I'm using scraps/stash for this project and all the blocks will be made with blue fabric and the alternate/chain blocks will be in reds.  The backgrounds will be scrappy as well, so I'm hoping I can get the entire quilt made from stash.

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Charlene S said...

Good luck with the flying geese. Your blue house blocks are looking great. Sometimes the simplest blocks give the most trouble. Have a great week.