Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Bach!

b 03/21/1685 d 07/28/1750

Many years ago, practically a lifetime ago, I was a classical guitarist. I had many concert pieces memorized, and I suppose I could have gone far in that field. But I was very young and when I lost my teacher, I just let it go. It is very sad to me now, but to pick it up again would be to start from square one.

What does this have to do with J.S. Bach, you ask? Well back in the days of the great composers, there wasn't such a thing as "classical guitar", and therefore no music was written specifically for it. There was, however, such a thing as the cello, and very much music was written for it. Bach wrote quite a bit cello music, which was later transcribed for the guitar. Of all of the pieces I learned, I always liked the Bach music the best. I have therefore declared him my Favorite Composer. Take a moment to sit back and listen to a little Bach today. I know I will.

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