Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dear Jane E9

Another Dear Jane block done!  I got the majority of this block done on Monday night at class.  I only needed to add the borders to the sides, which I did today.  Twice.  Yes, I put the borders on with wider strips than I needed, so that I could trim the block down to the exact size.  However, I trimmed it completely wrong!  Two sides were narrow and two sides were wide.  Ugh. I had to pull all four borders off and then sew new ones back on so that I could trim it properly.  Maybe today was not a good day to sew!  It is all done (correctly) now so I can add this one to the list!


manav vikash vigyan aur adytam said...


Robin said...

Beautiful! I love the simplicity of the solid red and the white. I could see a whole quilt made of these.

Ugh. Trimming errors are no fun at all. I feel for you.