Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dear Jane A1

I finally got A1 done for my Dear Jane quilt! I think I started this one three weeks ago. I've only had small snippets of time to work on it, and I finished it tonight. However, when I was going through my blocks (all 3 of them!), I realized that I made one in the wrong color. Argh! That didn't take long! I considered switching it with another block, but I think I want it to be right, so I'll re-make that block. Fortunately, it was the easiest one I've made so far. It will probably happen again, so maybe I'll keep a pile of castaways for another project!

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Robin said...

Oh, wow! It looks awesome! Sometimes I feel very lucky to have chosen a scrappy look for my Jane... no doubt, I'd have a huge pile of castaways if I had to follow a pattern! :P