Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dear Jane G4

Things have been crazy busy at work recently, and I really haven't done any sewing outside of the Monday night classes.  Above is Dear Jane block G4, which was complete except for trimming, which I did today.  Now I have my workspace cleared off and ready for some sewing today, but I just can't decide what to work on.  I'll be co-teaching a three day workshop in June where I had planned to teach a project that I already taught recently.  But inspiration struck and now there are two new projects vying to be taught instead.  Of course I would have to complete one from start to finish in about a week, which seems impossible, but for some reason I want to give it a shot.  Now I'm trying to decide which one to actually make.  This probably sounds about as confusing as it is in my head.  Perhaps I'll just read my book for while instead and let it stew!

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Robin said...

What is it about deadlines that pushes us to want to try and do the impossible? I understand completely. :)

Lovely block!