Friday, May 04, 2007

2007 AQS Best of Show

Above is the 2007 Best of Show winner at the AQS show that just concluded in Paducah. It is called "Flower of Life" and was made by Sharon Shamber. She is the only person ever to have won the Best of Show title for two consecutive years. I LOVE THIS QUILT. I have been trying to find a really good picture of it, but not many are out there yet, as the winner was just announced last week. I "borrowed" this pic from The Quilt Show's blog. In my search for a good picture, I stumbled across a blog called Patsy's Ponderings, published by Patsy Terrell. Not only was she at the show, but apparently she was able to interview Sharon Shamber as well. She has a very in depth post regarding this quilt and quilter with lots of photos of both. Please take a look -- the back of the quilt is as gorgeous as the front. Oh, and check out the edging!

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