Friday, May 18, 2007

Santa Clara Valley Quilt Show 2007

Lance and I went to the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Show over the weekend. It was kind of a compromise that he would go with me to the show and then we'd do something he wanted to do. It worked out very nicely, and I had a photographer with me, too! The picture above is of a quilt that was made by a woman who took the same Paula Nadelstern class that I did. I believe she was the only person in the class who did not use a "Paula Nadelstern" designed fabric. It was something that she had in her stash that happened to work for the project being taught. I was amazed to see it at the show, MUCH bigger than the class project, and completely finished. The class was in March and it was a very time consuming process. But there is was, and it was beautiful. I am holding up the corner to better show the fabric that was used for the piecing on the front (think Stack and Whack type piecing). Unfortunately, the tie-died backing of the quilt behind it kind of draws the eye away, but try to ignore that.

It was a really nice show. I got lots of goodies from the vendors, and I even won one of the door prizes! I'll have to remember to goto their next show. I believe they have a show every two years.

Click HERE to view a photo show of all of the pictures that we took.

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