Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!

Oh my, where have I been? Well, I got a nasty cold right after Christmas that sapped my energy, and I just couldn't do much of anything for a while. But I have lots to post! One of my New Year's resolutions is to post more often. I think I'm going to try to design a quilt for the Hoffman challenge, and I'll try to post a blow-by-blow account of the process.

And now for pictures! I made quilts for my co-worker's daughters this year. The first one I just adore. It was a pattern from Judy Laquidara's quilt-for-an-hour posts. Judy's layout was a bit different, but I happened to see a post on Mary's Blog and she made hers with this slanted setting and I fell in love with it. My end result turned out to practically be a dead-ringer for hers, which was not my intention, but I am very pleased with it. It was quilted by Julie Murphy from The Laurel Leaf in an adorable flower design.

The other one that I made was from the Terry Atkinson's "Yellow Brick Road" pattern. I've made four or five of these and they always seem to be a hit. It is a great pattern for a baby quilt, as it goes together very quickly. This one was tied. I used a very thick batting and put flannel on the back. It turned out very soft and snuggly.

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Mary said...

Seeing this reminds me how much I loved the one I made too. Doesn't this make the sweetest quilt even though it was the result of laziness on my part. This twisted setting is one of my favorites.