Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekend Fun

I had quite an eventful and fun weekend! On Saturday I met up with my sister and nephews at a park in Dublin. It was a great (and popular) park for kids. There were multiple playground areas and a rock like structure with two slides that they could climb on. I meant to take a larger picture, but we were off and I forgot. By that time it was getting pretty crowded. The boys seemed to really like it.

Next we did some Geocaching. Lance and I haven't had much luck with the last few that we've tried, and the weather hasn't been conducive to caching, so it's been a while since we tried. I decided to see if there was one near the park where we were meeting, and it turned out there were several in that area. I chose one that listed the cache as a large container with small toys as trade items. We told the boys we were going on a treasure hunt. We had a great time hunting around for it and finally found it. Here's a picture of me and Jackson near our find before we opened it.

Next, Lance and I did some shopping, and found the item below. Now I ask you, who could possibly pass this up??? By the way, yes, the pancakes were great. Thanks for asking.

I did some sewing on Sunday and made some good progress on the next class project (even if it isn't exactly how I envisioned it).

And lastly, I made eclairs for Lance that I had promised him a while back. I haven't made them in almost 20 years, so I was very pleased that they came out so great. The only thing I would need to change is to make them bigger. They were a little on the small side. I guess I'll have to make another batch to correct that error!!

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