Sunday, April 27, 2008

Challenge #1

Above is my entry for the first challenge project put on by Always Quilting quilt shop in San Mateo. They gave us three months to work on the challenge, but I've been so busy lately, that I really was only able to work on in for roughly the last two weeks. My design changed countless times from when I first got the challenge. Maybe if I hadn't decided to design it myself, I could have saved myself from a lot of grief!

The challenge was to use the two fat quarters shown below in an interpretation of the theme Spring Flowers. The two fabrics had to be an integral part of the quilt, and not just in the borders. We could add as much other fabric that we wanted. Other than that, it was pretty much anything we wanted to make. I decided to use the green print along with a solid white to make a kind of latice, and a vine and flowers appliqued over the top.

I tried quite a few different types of fabric flowers before settling on an origami style folded flower. Below are some of the practice flowers without their centers. I settled on the one on the far left, but the final ones looked much better in the purple fabric.

I believe they will be hanging in the the shop for a month and the winner will be chosen by a Viewer's Choice ballot. We received our next challenge on Saturday. I'll post the fabrics another time. Next theme is Fun in the Sun. Hmmm. Time to put my thinking cap on...

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