Friday, April 18, 2008

FP - part 10 and other news

I've been a busy little sewer lately. (I've seen that people are starting to call themselves "sewists", presumably because reading the word "sewer" does not give a pleasant picture...) I'm working furiously on a challenge project that is due on April 26. I've been so busy with class projects lately that I didn't realize how close I was getting to the deadline. I'm attempting an original design and it has changed countless times in the last week. I'll give more details and possibly pictures this weekend. Maybe by then I will have decided on a set design.

Back to the free pattern links from the fabric companies:

Clothworks is another popular fabric company. They have the Laurel Burch lines, as well as a new line of antique toy prints called Toy Box. This one is a new favorite of mine of course because one of the motifs in the print is a monkey with cymbals. The largest print of the monkey is within a panel of nine toys and I'd hate to buy the whole panel to cut out just the monkey, but sometimes a (quilt) monkey's gotta do what a monkey's gotta do... Free pattern link here.

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