Friday, September 26, 2008

Quilting in the Garden 2008

Quilting in the Garden is an annual quilt show in Livermore, California that is held at Alden Lane Nursery. Every year I get excited about going, and every year I miss it for reasons that are usually not very important. I kick myself for a long time about it and I always say, "well, next year...". Next year is finally here, and the show is this weekend (Sept 27 - 28). The plans are all set, and I am determined to go no matter what. I can't wait! It is such an interesting venue for a show; the quilts are all hung from trees in the nursery. There are featured artists, which this year inlcude Joen Wolfrom and Melinda Bula. And of course there is Alex Anderson, who was one of the founders of the show. I'll take lots of pictures and hopefully have a "celebrity" sighting. See you there!

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