Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year, New Look

For the new year I decided a new look for the blog was in order. I like this template better than the old one. I've also figured out how to put a photo in the header area, so once I find a suitable picture, I'll try that out. Meanwhile...

Bear decided he was going to see what this sewing thing is all about... Pay no attention to my overflowing notions container behind my sewing machine. I'm lucky I got the sewing table cleared off -- organizing the notions will wait for another day.

I got several quilting/sewing books for Christmas this year. Each one was one I had been wanting, so I've been having fun looking through them this past week. I've got so many ideas and so much inspiration now!! If only I had more time to sew! Maybe that's what I'll ask Santa for next year.

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