Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blog Hopping

There's a neat little blog hop going on right now amongst 12 quilt designers -- 12 days of recipes, memories, and free project ideas called the Cross Country Christmas Blog Hop. It is being hosted by Gudrun of GE Designs. I've been having fun checking in with each blog daily. Today is Terry Atkinson's day to post a project (see picture above pilfered from her blog). It is for Molten Chocolate Cake Mugs. I LOVE this idea for a quick(ish) and inexpensive gift. It would be a good idea to have some of these made up and at the ready in December. There are prizes for commenting on all of the blogs and lots of ideas. Hop on over and check it out!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Dear Jane L4

I finally got another Dear Jane block done! I have a ton of projects that I should be working on, but I didn't want to have to do a bunch of designing and figuring. So I printed out L4 and got to it. The real thing looks pretty good. The picture above is a scan than got a little crooked. Cropping it makes it look pretty far off. Oh well. One more down!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Okay, Break Time's Over!

Sorry for not announcing my little blogging break in advance, but it actually it wasn't planned at first. Things got very busy for a bit and then all of a sudden I had lost a whole month! I have lots of things to share from the summer, vacation news, and two quilt shows! I'll try to get the pictures organized for posting soon.

In the mean time, it's November, and we all know what that means... Handmade Holidays is back on at the Sew, Mama, Sew! website. This is the third year for Handmade Holidays. Every day of the month they post a whole slew of tutorial links related to the topic of the day. They also have daily recipes, and giveaways for commenting. I have found many great ideas and tutorials for quick gift items in the past two years. It's fun to check in daily to see what new things await us. Pop over and check it out!