Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pop Top Gifts

I recently found this tutorial on Our Best Bites, one of the cooking blogs that I read regularly.  I have been having so much fun with these!  It's a great way to package a little gift or just some sweets.  I originally made some for Mother's Day gifts, and filled them with See's Candy.  I didn't take any pictures of those, but then I made a few more recently for Father's Day and a Graduation gift (two shown above).  Candy and nuts went into the Father's Day cans and candy surrounding a gift card for the Graduation can.  They are so easy and everyone is stumped as to how they are made!  Go to the tutorial link above for a step by step tutorial - but basically what you do is buy a can of anything that has a pop-top, such as mixed fruit or pineapple.  The mixed fruit comes in smaller cans, so I got pineapple, which comes in bigger cans for the bigger items like the gift card.  Open the bottom of the can with a can opener (I have the safe style which kind of un-crimps the bottom).  Empty the contents into a container for later use.  Wash and dry the inside of the can making sure you don't bend it out of shape.  Fill with treats or a small gift.  Glue the bottom back onto the can (we used crazy glue) and allow to dry completely.  As noted in the tutorial, you might want to put a small piece of tissue paper in the bottom of the can before gluing in case any drips inside.  Cover the outside of the can with decorative scrapbooking paper and a label, and you are done!  These are super easy to make and are always received well.  However, sometimes people think that something is going to jump out at them - of course, you could to that too!

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