Monday, August 20, 2012

Design Wall Monday 08/20/12

I accomplished my goal for this weekend and got the last of the Great Granny blocks done!  All nine are finished now.  You can see them all on my Flickr page here.  Most of the blocks are made of scraps from a couple of similar Jelly Rolls that I had.  I pulled the fabrics for two of the blocks out of my stash, and those two definitely look different from the rest, but I think they will be fine when they are mixed in.  But on the bonus side - everything for this quilt came from my stash!!

I'm excited to put them all together in a quilt.  I have no idea how I will quilt it.  I may just have it quilted for me at my lqs so I can have it actually finished and not in a pile while I try to decide what to do.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday 08/13/12

Two more Great Granny blocks completed!  I actually did what I said I should do and made a few kits so I could sew them whenever I had a few spare moments.  I usually don't listen to myself when I have ideas like that, so score one for me!  This brings my block tally to seven.  Just two more and I can start putting them together.  I only have one more kit made.  I wanted to look at the first eight together to determine what colors the last block should have.  Several look very similar, so I want to make sure none of them stand out too much.

I lost the daylight yesterday, so I don't have a picture of the Design Wall with all of the blocks.  Hopefully soon!

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Monday, August 06, 2012

Design Wall Monday 08/06/12

I guess I really like these Great Granny Square blocks!  I now have five blocks finished.  My goal now is to make nine and finish it as a small square quilt.  I would really like to make it bigger, but time is short, and I'd like to finish it this summer!  Maybe I'll try making little "kits" for each block.  Then there won't be so much time wasted with my terrible indecision when it comes to choosing colors.  I like that idea!  Then maybe I'll sew a bit each night after work and make some significant progress.  If you are looking for the block tutorial, you can find it on Lori Holt's blog here.  This picture of my "Design Wall" is not the greatest, but you can see better pictures of each block on my Flickr page here

Be sure to check out Judy L's blog to see what is on everyone else's Design Walls today!