Monday, November 05, 2012

Design Wall 11/05/12

 I have a couple of projects on my Design Wall today.  The little purple block is a Dear Jane block that is almost finished.  I need to trim it down and add triangle corners.  It sure makes my other project look gigantic!

Speaking of the other project, this is one that my Mom put together for me.  Every year she plans a project for me and my sister's birthdays.  We plan a date and all get together to sew.  We work on the same project in different fabrics.  I should have put the rest of the fabrics out - she pulled all the colors from the large-scale print.  I love it!  I still have a ways to go on it, but I'll be working on this tonight.

Also my sister made me the tissue box above - it is so totally me!!  Several months ago I had pinned this project on Pinterest, and she downloaded the pattern and made it for me for my birthday.  In case you are not a nerd like me, it is the TARDIS from BBC show, Doctor Who.  (Bad Wolf refers to a particular storyline.)  I totally love it!!

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