Monday, June 10, 2013

Design Wall Monday 06/10/13

Still just hexagons on my Design Wall today.  I did finish a Dear Jane block during the week, but these are what I have out as my ongoing project.  They keep me motivated to make more.  I prepped a bunch of single hexagons that aren't shown.

My Monday night quilting class is winding down, only one more class after tonight's class, and then we are off for the summer.  We usually start the Fall session in the beginning of September, but it looks like we'll be traveling at that time, so I'll start it up about mid-month.  This usually means I end up taking a bit of a sewing break around this time of year.  Of course I shouldn't, because I need to have the projects and patterns finished before we travel.  We'll see.  I need to get inspired again.

I'm sure I'll get some good inspiration from Judy L's blog - hop over there to see what everyone else is working on today!


sophie said...

I love the colors in your motivational hexies on the wall. I find it definitely motivates me to keep something I am working on or want to work on soon on the wall. I look forward to seeing what these hexies (and their friends) become.

Quilting Nonnie said...

I'm still loving your hexies. Sometimes we have to meander through other projects, though. Good luck on the hexies & the Dear Jane!

Robin said...

Happy little flowers! I love making them. The problem for me is connecting them altogether... doing the path is so boring! :P I can't seem to stay focused enough to stick with it.