Monday, March 09, 2015

Design Wall Monday 03/09/15

Life has put a serious crunch on my sewing time lately!  Lots of things going on that are taking up all my spare time.  I did get a few things sewn recently.  The brown/green/gold stars are for the Mystery Mondays project.  I'm woefully behind on those.  My friend Lori has hers all up to date and sewn together.  I'll get there eventually.  The giant half-square triangles are for a new project I'm working on.  I'm kind of designing as I go, and right now I think those blocks are way too big and chunky for what I have in mind.  I may trim those down to a smaller size later, but for now I'm just getting them made.  I need a lot for  what I want to make.  The colors are off in that picture.  The blues are a little darker and not so neon looking in real life.  I'm using a Moda layer cake that I got for Christmas.

I didn't get around to posting my latest purchases.  Last week my sister and I checked out a new fabric shop in Tracy, CA, near her home.  It's very small, but had some nice fabrics.  I managed to add 2 yards of fabric to my stash!  The fabric at the top is actually shades of grey, even though it looks tan in the picture.  I have some pink projects in the pipeline, so I picked up a pink I thought would work nicely.  And a wonderful teal print that I can definitely use.  We have a couple of teal walls in our home and I've been trying to design around them.

Fabric added this week:  2.00 yards
Fabric added this year:  4.50 yards

Fabric used this week:  0.00 yards
Fabric used this year:  2.75 yards

Total net usage:  1.75 yards added

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