Monday, August 10, 2015

Design Wall Monday 08/10/15

I finished two more blocks this week.  I sewed late last night to get the second one done.  I really don't want to fall behind on these.  I struggled with choosing the fabrics for the flag block.  I had no problem with the reds - I have a lot of those, but the alternate strips, where traditionally they would be white, caused me some problems.  In the Farm Girl Vintage book, Lori used a red and white gingham.  I searched high and low in my stash - yardage, scraps, even in other projects - I just don't have any red and white gingham!  I tried to pull a white and red print, but I don't seem to have those either - they were too red.  I looked at off-white, and I looked at pale yellow.  Nothing worked.  Then I looked at the Instragram photos of other people's version of this block.  A lot of people used the gingham! But what I noticed is that in the thumbnail photos, the gingham looked pink.  I decided to run with it because this is typical of a roadblock that will bring a project to a halt for me.  I think it worked out fine. And I was even able to fussy cut a heart into the center of the star, which makes me smile.

Next was the Old Red Barn block.  Here's another one where I started to get tripped up by choosing the fabrics.  It reads darker than the rest of the blocks, but I think it will be fine.  I'm not crazy about my piecing on the barn door, but I think that's because I was working on it late at night.  I won't even notice it once the quilt is all together!

And here's my progress so far!  I love keeping these up on my design wall so I can look at them every day and get inspired to sew!  The blocks that are cut off on the right are standard 12" blocks, so you can kind of see the scale of these blocks.

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Mary said...

I know what you mean about choosing fabrics for these cute blocks. I worked on mine too. I like the heart inside your Star. Fussy cutting is fun to do when possible. Some of the pieces in the 6" blocks are so tiny. Good job keeping them up. I am having fun watching this quilt grow on my wall.

Robin said...

Looking good! I think the pink works (and love that fussy cut heart!). How many blocks are in this quilt?

Kate said...

The pink definitely works and I love your barn!