Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Design Wall Tuesday 02/16/16

Oops!  Looks like I lost a day!  I was fortunate enough to have yesterday off in observance of Presidents Day.  And it was a beautiful day out!  I ventured outside to go grocery shopping and my car said it was 83 degrees!  Of course rain is back in the forecast for tomorrow.  I'll take it when I can get it!

Not too much sewing going on.  I did finish all my blocks for the first row for Amanda Jean Nyberg's Craftsy class.  Six large and six small nine-patch blocks. I'm still trying to decide on colors for this quilt.  Originally I was going to make it entirely out of scrappy greens, but now I'm thinking of having each row be a different color. That will be fun.  I'll need to chart out where I want each color before I go any further...

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Monday, February 08, 2016

Design Wall Monday 02/08/16

Not much happening on my Design Wall today.  My sister and I are taking the Amanda Jean Nyberg (Crazy Mom Quilts) Craftsy class called Colorful Scrap Quilting.  It is a scrappy row quilt.  I struggled with choosing colors, and then I decided to make it all green.  Green is my favorite color and I gave away the only all-green quilt that I made.  I hope it has enough interest and is not too bland.  Most of my stash is medium to dark colors.  I might throw in some other colors here and there to make it more interesting.  On Saturday I cut out the entire first row of the quilt, which is made up of two sizes of nine-patch blocks. On Sunday I managed to sew two blocks together.  Then I decided to watch the Super Bowl.  I just couldn't get motivated to sew.  I am bringing all of the pieces to my quilting class tonight, so hopefully I'll get some momentum going and sew the rest of the blocks.  Not a very exciting design wall, but at least it is not empty.  Once I get a few rows done, I'm sure I'll be more motivated to finish the project.

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Monday, February 01, 2016

Design Wall Monday 02/01/16

I can't believe it is February already!  Where did January go??  At least I have started sewing again.  I had some things I had to get out of the way, and now I can do some fun sewing again.  Above is the latest block for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  This was an additional pattern that Lori Holt put out that works with the patterns in the book.  It's sure a cute little 6" block!  I still need to embroider the tail.  I'm going to do all the embroidery at the same time.  I only have a few blocks left before I can start sewing the quilt together.

The other thing I worked on this week was a Pixelated Heart quilt.  I've been wanting to make one of these for several years now.  I was originally going to make it all in pinks and reds, but I liked the multi-colored ones that I've seen online.  I had a jelly roll of rainbow solids sitting on my shelf for a long time, and when my husband pointed to it as a possible color scheme, I knew I had to do it.  I did use more pink/red squares than the other colors, and I pulled out the really bright colors that were distracting.  I also decided to put in just a few prints to make it interesting.  A couple of them read as solid, so you probably can't see them from this picture.  What is most noticeable is a hand dyed homespun plaid that I've had in my stash forever.  I put about six squares of that fabric in there and it adds a lot of interest.  I also opted not to piece the background out of all squares.  I really like how that looks when the background is scrappy, but for this one I knew i was going to use all solid white for the background.  It went a lot faster this way.  Once it is layered with a white batting, the seams will hardly be noticeable.  I may trim the white back a bit, but I'll decide for sure later.  It was getting dark when I took this picture - it is lighter and more vibrant in daylight.

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