Friday, March 18, 2016

500th Post & National Quilting Day

Welcome to my 500th blog post, just in time for National Quilting Day!  I used to post a lot more often, but I try to stick to at least one post a week.  Life gets in the way sometimes, but I always come back!  I've been blogging for nearly 10 years now (started in August 2006).  I was inspired by all of the blogs that I read every day and decided that I could do that too!  Sometimes it has been blogging that kept me quilting.  I needed something to blog about, so I would sew a little something.

I don't have many followers, but I want to thank each and every person who visits my blog.  I don't always have time to respond to comments, but I really appreciate you dropping in.

Blogging also serves as a journal for my quilting, and for my life in general.  I recently scrolled back through my first year of posts and had forgotten a lot of the things I had done back then.  And I have a picture of every Dear Jane block that I've made.  Which was very helpful when I started making them again.

But back to National Quilting Day...  It is observed on the third Saturday of March, and I try to take at least a few stitches that day each year.  The Quilt Show website is having a huge celebration this year.  For three days (March 18 - 20), they have opened up all episodes for free.  I've been a member since they started and have enjoyed their shows for years.  They also tons of prizes (including a Bernina sewing machine) for the event.  (I am not affiliated with them - I'm just a happy member and want to spread the word about their free shows this weekend).  Go to The Quilt Show to get more information.

Thanks again to everyone who stops by.  See you next post!

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Robin said...

Happy 500th post! :) 10 years is a long time. I need to get back on the blogging wagon... it has been my crafty journal-- and now it is so far behind! Gah! Slowly but surely, I'll get back on it, I hope.