Monday, March 21, 2016

Design Wall Monday 03/21/16

I finished another block for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  This is Barn Cat, which is a pattern that Lori Holt is selling separately from the book, but will work in the quilt.  This version finishes at 6" square.  I still need to embroider the face, but I'll do all of the embroidery on this quilt at the end.  Boy, there were some TINY pieces in this one.  There were several 3/4" squares that I needed to cut to make corner triangles (like at the bottom of the head and on the tail).  I usually throw pieces that small away!  They were too small to pin in place, and they kept shifting when I put them in the machine to sew, so I found that if I put the tiniest dab of fabric glue in the corner that gets trimmed away, it held perfectly while I sewed it.  This is the type I use.  What a revelation!  I only have three blocks to go, and I wish I had figured this out at the beginning of this project!!

My phone was dead this morning (I forgot to plug it in last night), so I couldn't get a photo of my entire design wall.  I have the Crossroads house blocks up as well. I'm working on the second set now.

Be sure to check out Judy L's blog to see what everyone is working on today. Also linking up with Quilt Story and Let's Bee Social later this week.


allthingzsewn said...

This is such a sweet block. thank you for sharing, I had not seen it on Lori's blog. I just probably missed it.

Anne Beier said...

I can't resist anything with a cat on it. This is really cute. I am thinking of purchasing that book. I was wondering if there was a lot of paper piecing in it, or a minor amount of the projects are paper pieced? I am dyslexic, and paper piecing is not fun for me.
I'm glad I found your blog through Sew Fresh Quilts Let's Be Social.

Lorna McMahon said...

Awww! This kitten is simply adorable! Love the collar and sweet heart. Thanks so much for sharing your tip about sewing with small pieces. A little dab'll do ya!

Linda said...

Thank you so much for this tip. I am finally finishing the Farm Girl Vintage quilt and wanted to include the cat block. The tiny squares are driving me nuts!