Monday, April 18, 2016

Design Wall Monday 04/18/16

One block completed!  This one of three that I need to make for last month's Crossroads Quilt Along.  The points aren't perfect, but I'm okay with that.  I've been working on projects with a lot of precision lately, and I'm not going to knock myself out on this one.  A lot of times when I just go for it, they come out pretty darn good anyway.  I got creative with how I pressed the pieces so they would lay as flat as possible.  I'm happy with it.  The other two blocks are all cut and marked, so I hope to have those finished tonight.  I accidentally cut one extra block - I thought there were four of these.  I'll hold on to those pieces in case I have trouble with any of the other blocks.  This month's blocks have already been released and I'm excited to get started on those.

Over the weekend I wrote a pattern for class, as well as made some demonstration pieces, so I accomplished more than I can show here.

Be sure to check out Judy L's blog to see what everyone is working on today. Also linking up with Quilt Story and Let's Bee Social later this week.


lauralynne said...

Your points look pretty great to me! I like the blues in this block.

Karen @runsewfun said...

Looks good to me. I save miss cuts too!