Monday, December 03, 2007

Hometown Holidays 2007

Redwood City's Hometown Holidays was this weekend. The Hudaks came out because they had such a great time last year. The big attraction was, of course, the snow play area which they were able to walk right into last year. Unfortunately this year it was so popular that there was a line to get in the snow that had to be about a block long. We found out later that the wait was about 30 minutes, and you had to sign a release before getting in the snow. That was a little bit too long of a wait for the boys, so we did some other activities instead.

Here's Max enjoying some hot chocolate:

And Jackson going down the slide:

Lance and I didn't make it back to the tree lighting and fireworks this year. It was so nice and warm when we got home, we decided to skip it. It was nice to see several people we know from the community at the event! Next year's will be here before we know it!

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