Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Heartfelt thanks to all who have served.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quilt Bingo

This sounds like a fun thing to do! The Quilt Shoppe's blog is going to have a Quilt Bingo game running on their blog next week. All you need to do is choose some words from a list and as they call off words, cross them off your list. If yours are all crossed off first, you get BINGO! Check out this post for all the details. The prize is amazing!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Stashbusting 2010 - Week 20

Just a quick post to report my stashbusting efforts. Sorry no picture today, but I'll link to what I bought! The week before last, I purchased a pack of batik fat quarters from the Fat Quarter Shop for a project that I really want to make soon. It has 12 fat quarters, so 3 yards added. I did wrap a gift in a fat quarter, and I made two small gift bags for Mother's Day which together probably took a quarter yard, so 1/2 yard out.

No sewing for me this week. This weekend we saw Iron Man 2, which was awesome! Then Sunday, Lance and I did some major Spring Cleaning at the humble abode. It was sorely needed. We're not done yet, but we got quite a lot done. Then we were off to a member's event at Savvy Cellar in honor of their new Mountain View location, which opens this Thursday. It is a really nice location near the train station with a nice, comfy patio area. We'll definitely be going there again once it opens!

Fabric added this week: 3.00 yards
Fabric used this week: 0.50 yards

Fabric added this year: 12.50 yards
Fabric used this year: 15.50 yards

Total stash used this year: 3.00 yards

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sewing Day Mother's Day

Last Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day by having an all-day sewing day at my Mom's house. My sister and I brought our projects and sewing supplies and we talked and sewed and ate and had a great time. We started out with a little show and tell. I showed my recent class projects that they hadn't seen in person. My sister's project was in pieces - but during our day she got the whole top together and was working on the borders when we decided to call it quits. My mom had some recent finishes that I snapped some quick pictures of.

The first one was all made with fruit and vegetable prints, which she calls "Farmer's Market". It came out really great! I had seen it a while back when it was in pieces and I am amazed at how it wonderful it looks all together. I've seen these prints in the shops and I could never figure out how I would ever use them in a quilt. Well done, Mom!

The next one is all done in black prints and white on white prints. The entire quilt is made of squares of different fabrics that are pieced together. A lot of work went into this one and the end result is stunning!!

Meanwhile I'm still working on my last class project until fall. Then a much appreciated break over the summer. It will be really nice to be able to sew without deadlines. Maybe I'll be able to work on my Dear Jane quilt again! I'm still plugging away at the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along for fun. I have the third block done and the fourth is cut out. Those will (should) be done over the weekend. I have some fabric purchases to confess, so I'll be back for the stash report on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Stash Busting 2010 - Week 18

So I just couldn't resist! I had to join the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along. I'm using scrap stash instead of a jelly roll. With all the scraps I have, the toughest part was choosing which colors to use. I decided on pink and brown. I tried to make a pink and brown quilt once before, but that quilt had its own ideas and the colors changed. I like how this is starting out - kind of a chocolate cherries type of thing. The first two blocks are shown above. I'm only 3 blocks behind now. The next one is pretty simple, so I might be able to get that one done later tonight. We'll see...

On a sad note, Quilter's Studio, one of my local quilt shops is going out of business. There are some great deals to be had there right now. I stopped in on Saturday in search of fat quarters and possibly a layer cake for a couple of class projects that I have in mind. The shelves are getting bare there now and there were very few pre-cuts to be had. I did manage :) to buy four fat quarters - one of which will be for my Dear Jane quilt. So I guess that gets added to my stash! There were some great deals on yardage -- 50% to 70% off some really nice fabrics, but I was strong and didn't buy any. Maybe I won't be as strong next time I go by there...

Fabric added this week: 1.00 yards
Fabric used this week: 0.00 yards

Fabric added this year: 9.50 yards
Fabric used this year: 15.00 yards

Total stash used this year: 5.50 yards