Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lunch Fun

Lance and I both happened to have the day off today, and we heard that there was going to be a food truck event in the parking lot of the Hiller Aviation Museum right here in nearby San Carlos.  Actually, they will be out there every Wednesday through October 26th.  We watched the Food Network show The Great Food Truck Race last year (Season 2 is currently running), and Nom Nom Truck was one of the finalists.  We heard they were going to be there, so we decided to head over.   

They served amazing looking Banh Mi on the show and I couldn't wait to try it.  And I was definitely glad I did!  The grilled pork was to die for!  It started at 11 am and we got there shortly thereafter, but the lines were starting already.  There were several trucks there, but Nom Nom was definitely the attraction.  The line got very long, but we got there before the worst of it.

We also got a Panini from Speedy Panini, which was also great.

And Lance got a fish taco from Streetz Eatz which he said was also good.  All in all, a fun little lunch excursion on a lazy day off!

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