Thursday, June 30, 2016

Throwback Thursday 06/30/16

Ready for another TBT post?  I'm slowly making my way back to my sewing machine, but I haven't sewn anything yet.  I've cleared off some old projects and I've been cutting up scraps with my die cutter, but no sewing as yet. So we're back to another Throw Back post.  Above is a picture of a quilt that I made for a co-worker's daughter back in 2008.  The story on that is here.  This was a sew along, and I was originally going to set the blocks in a straight set with sashings, but I saw someone else had set them in the tilted setting and I loved it!  By adding the strips around the blocks to make them tilt, the blocks end up getting bigger.  It was for a child, so I didn't want a huge quilt.  I had many more of the churn dash blocks already made, but decided not to use them.  They are still sitting in my sewing room and every once in a while I tell myself that I will make another quilt like this.  I really like how it turned out.

I went to a Kaffe Fassett exhibit at the local quilt museum yesterday and took a bunch of pictures.  I'll post those soon!

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