Monday, October 05, 2015

Design Wall Monday 10/05/15

What happened to September?  I seem to have lost an entire month on the blog!  Things have gotten very busy, and I really haven't been sewing.  My husband and I were on vacation at the beginning of September and then I haven't been able to get into the swing of things.  I have a new project on my design wall, but I have to say - I absolutely hate it!  It is covering the entire wall and it's killed my motivation to sew.  I need to mark the pieces so I will have some semblance of order when I get back to it, but then I'm going to put it away for a bit.  Then I'll put up some happy things and I'll be more inspired to sew.  Before we went on vacation, I did put together this pumpkin pillow using a block I made around Halloween last year.

My sister and I popped over to the annual Quilting in the Garden quilt show in Livermore, CA.  This is always a fun little show where they hang the quilts from the old oak trees on the grounds of Alden Lane Nursery.  Below are a few pictures.  I apologize for not having the names of the makers of the quilts. They were in a program, but I don't seem to have it anymore.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Design Wall Monday 08/31/15

I managed to make three more blocks for the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.  I've been working on some other projects that I can't show, and fell behind in the sew along.  The block above is called Peas and Carrots.  Lori's original version has the green and orange swapped (hence the name).  However, my quilt was getting a little orange-heavy.  I decided to swap the colors so that the orange was downplayed in my block.  I think it came out pretty good!

Below is the Pinwheels block.  Pretty straightforward.  I am pleased that my points are pretty much right on.

Below is Pie Cherries block that didn't turn out so great.  I was really looking forward to this one ever since I got the book.  I even set aside the red prints early on so that I wouldn't use them somewhere else.  This is the block that I mentioned in the last post, that I had been working on late at night.  I turned around the center stem section and then took it out only to find that I had it right the first time.  I put it back together the right way, but the top of the stem still doesn't seem to fit.  I may re-make this later, or I might just leave it in.  It is one of those things that probably only I will ever see.

I'll be on a long awaited vacation next week.  I'll end up falling farther behind, but that's okay.  We're almost at the end of the sew along now, and I'll have more free time to catch up in a couple of weeks.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Design Wall Monday 08/24/15

I've started to falter on my Farm Girl Vintage sew along blocks. I've been frantically sewing up class projects before my upcoming vacation, so I dropped off the FGV project a little. I tried to sew together the Pie Cherries block last night, but it just as i was finishing, I realized that I turned a section around the wrong way.  What makes it worse is that I already took that section out and turned it around.  Apparently I took apart something that was already correct and made it incorrect. *sigh*  I decided I had had a long day and it was too late to be sewing together a block.  I'll fix it up after work today.  On a brighter note, I'm getting closer to having my class projects finished.  Just one more to go.  

So nothing has really changed on my wall.  I may have to pull the blocks down so I can finish my other project.  You can see I've been working on my current project at the very bottom of the wall (beneath the FGV blocks), which is kind of silly.  Hopefully there will be more progress to show next week!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Design Wall Monday 08/17/15

I'm back with my weekly Farm Girl Vintage sew along update.  I feel like this is all that I post about these days.  Of course this is just about all that I've been working on lately.  I've gotten a very slow start on my class projects, and I need to get going on them right away.  I usually don't post about them until class has started, so it will be a little while until you see them.

The block above is called Out To Pasture and went together pretty quickly.  I'm trying to get back to using my focus fabrics, so the four outer fabrics are all from the Fancy charm packs.

Above is the Patchwork Pumpkin block.  I actually had this one all cut out and ready to sew for a couple of weeks.  Since I had the oranges out already, I went ahead and cut extra squares for my sister, and I wanted to get them done when I saw her a little while back. I also swapped a few oranges with my mom, who also recently had oranges out.  Score!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Design Wall Monday 08/10/15

I finished two more blocks this week.  I sewed late last night to get the second one done.  I really don't want to fall behind on these.  I struggled with choosing the fabrics for the flag block.  I had no problem with the reds - I have a lot of those, but the alternate strips, where traditionally they would be white, caused me some problems.  In the Farm Girl Vintage book, Lori used a red and white gingham.  I searched high and low in my stash - yardage, scraps, even in other projects - I just don't have any red and white gingham!  I tried to pull a white and red print, but I don't seem to have those either - they were too red.  I looked at off-white, and I looked at pale yellow.  Nothing worked.  Then I looked at the Instragram photos of other people's version of this block.  A lot of people used the gingham! But what I noticed is that in the thumbnail photos, the gingham looked pink.  I decided to run with it because this is typical of a roadblock that will bring a project to a halt for me.  I think it worked out fine. And I was even able to fussy cut a heart into the center of the star, which makes me smile.

Next was the Old Red Barn block.  Here's another one where I started to get tripped up by choosing the fabrics.  It reads darker than the rest of the blocks, but I think it will be fine.  I'm not crazy about my piecing on the barn door, but I think that's because I was working on it late at night.  I won't even notice it once the quilt is all together!

And here's my progress so far!  I love keeping these up on my design wall so I can look at them every day and get inspired to sew!  The blocks that are cut off on the right are standard 12" blocks, so you can kind of see the scale of these blocks.

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Monday, August 03, 2015

Design Wall Monday 08/03/15

Two more blocks finished in the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.  I love my blue chicken!  I was trying to even out the colors in the quilt top, and decided I didn't want to make it yellow or orange.  So I chose blue.  A couple of years ago my husband and I took a trip to England, and there was a sculpture of a blue rooster in Trafalgar Square.  Now I know my hen doesn't look much like the sculpture, but I kept thinking of it when I was making the block.  I'll embroider the eye when I finish the blocks.

Next up was Milking Day.  I got to use up some more of the scraps from the other blocks.

I did some other sewing this weekend as well.  My quilting class is starting up in September and I need to get those class projects going.  I finished up a pillow and wrote out some cutting directions for a couple of projects.  I'm trying to stay ahead of it this year so I'm not sewing at the last minute!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Design Wall Monday 07/27/15

I had a busy week last week, and only got one block finished for the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.  That keeps me up to date, but I have two blocks to make before next Friday.  Below is the block I made, Kitchen Window.

To get a sense of the scale of the blocks, I took a picture next to my rotary cutter.  They are all 6 1/2" at this point (6" finished).  I think we're about half way done now.  I did also cut out some pieces for another quilt that I'm starting for class.  Gotta get busy!!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Design Wall Monday 07/20/15

Two more blocks added to the Design Wall today!  These are from the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.  I'm having a great time with these little 6" blocks, and they have reinvigorated my desire to sew.  I am determined to keep up with this sew along. A lot of times in the past I would get hung up on choosing colors or finishing a difficult block, and I would stall on sew alongs - never finishing the projects.  But my desire to keep up with this one has pushed me to make decisions more quickly and I'm loving it!  I haven't been disappointed with any color or construction decisions I've made for this quilt.  Hopefully this will carry over to future projects.

Below is the Haystack block.  I was able to fussy cut the center to match two other blocks.  They are all the same motif, but different color ways.

Next was the Kettle's On! block.  The print for the teapot did not come from the charm packs I've been using because the piece is slightly larger than what I could cut from a 5" square.  I do love the print, though, and have used it in the Baking Day block also.

One more block to make to be caught up until the next blocks are presented on Friday.  It's a pretty simple block, so I should have no problem getting that one finished in time.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Design Wall Monday 07/13/15

I have a few new additions to the Farm Girl Vintage sew along quilt.  So far, so good on keeping up with the sew along!  The three I've added are the Furrows Block (below), which consisted of 8 flying geese units.  I'm trying to sneak in some of the larger scale prints from my charm packs.  With all of the tiny pieces, it is a challenge to use the charms with large prints.

Next up is the Gingham Block.  I searched around in my fabric stash for two shades of the same color that would bring out the gingham look.  I think I did okay.  I've been using a lot of orange in the blocks, so I think I'll try to stay away from that color for a while.  I don't want the quilt to be too dominantly orange.

And finally I made the Grandma's Quilt Block.  I have been keeping all of the smallest scraps from cutting the previous blocks, and I was able to use some in this block.

I have the next block cut out and just need to sew it together.  It is a quick one, so I should have that one done in no time.  What a fun summer sewing project!!

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Monday, July 06, 2015

Design Wall Monday 07/06/15

I'm still hanging in there on the Farm Girl Vintage sew along!  I got the Feed and Seed block (above) finished on Friday.  I had the entire block made earlier in the week except for sewing on one of the outer rows.  I could tell it wasn't going to fit, so I put off sewing it on.  I was off on Friday for the holiday and decided to tackle it.  I made a minor adjustment in on of the seams and then it went together no problem.  Lots of pieces in that one!

Then I got down to business on the Fresh Pears block. I thought I'd breeze through this one, but there are a lot of pieces in this one too!  It looks a little funky right now due to the seam allowances around the outside, but it will look great when sewn into the quilt.

Next up are flying geese and the gingham block.  I have the fabrics chosen for the gingham block already.  I just need to cut out and sew.  I'll use scraps I've been saving from the other blocks to make the flying geese block.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Design Wall Monday 06/29/15

I'm still keeping up with the Farm Girl Vintage sew along!  I finished the Farmhouse block on Friday, just as the next two blocks were being announced. I was concerned that it would be difficult - especially in the 6" size that I'm making, but once I figured out what fabrics I wanted to use and got them cut, it went together pretty easily.  I really like this one!!  Below are all of the blocks together.  I have the next block ("Feed and Seed") all finished except for one seam.  Lots of pieces in that one too.  Then I'll move on to the pears block.

Other than that, I haven't done any sewing.  My quilting class is over for the summer.  I need to start working on the projects for the fall class.  I ordered a jelly roll for one of the projects, but I haven't received it yet, so I'll keep working on these blocks in the meantime.  They are really fun to make and I feel like I'm getting my sewing mojo back!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Design Wall Monday 06/22/15

I'm plugging away on the Farm Girl Vintage blocks.  Above are all of the blocks I have completed.  The only one not finished to keep up with the sew along is the house block.  There are a lot of pieces in that block and I need to concentrate on it.  My weekend ended up being busier than I had anticipated, so I'll work on it this week.  The blocks I added since last week are below, starting with the basket block.  I love the way Lori Holt writes her instructions.  This block went together so easily!

Next up is Farm Fresh Flower.  I fussy cut the center with the same motif as the Churn Dash block from a couple of weeks ago.  The flower fits in the middle square perfectly.  Which is nice because it is a large-ish print for the small blocks I'm making.  Because I'm using a charm pack, I'm having trouble using some of the larger scale prints.  The ones that I can't use in the blocks will be cut up for the cornerstones in the sashing at the end.

And finally the Crops block.   I really like this one, but I'm a little bummed that i turned the yellow leaf around.  I had wanted the darker of the two yellows to be toward the bottom.  I won't fix it though.  It doesn't bother me that much!

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Design Wall Monday 06/15/15

I made two more blocks for the Farm Girl Vintage sew along (above).  I have three more blocks cut out to work on tonight.  That should bring me up to date with the rest of the sew along.  Below is how they all look together.  It's a lot of fun.  For me, I spend more time choosing fabrics and cutting than I do sewing.

I've had a few comments from people who like the colors I've chosen. It's a little bit of a departure for me.  I tend to work in darker or more muted tones.  But I really seem to be more into bright colors these days, so I thought I'd use them for this project.  At the end of last year, I had bought four charm packs of "Fancy" by Lily Ashbury for Moda (below) for a project that didn't end up happening.  This is primarily what I'm using for this project.  I do need some bigger pieces that I can't get from a charm pack, so I've been adding from my own stash as needed.  There is no purple in the pack, so I'm also adding some of that in the blocks I'm making tonight.  I needed a little bit more variety than what was in the pack, but I'm sticking with those colors for the most part.  I love how it's turning out!!

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Monday, June 08, 2015

Design Wall Monday 06/08/15

I was busy working on my Farm Girl Vintage blocks this weekend.  I sewed for hours, which is something I haven't done in a long time.  I re-made the first block with the correct color palette.  Originally I made it before I had decided on my color scheme.  Now that I have scraps from the other blocks, it was easier to re-make it (above).  It is a little busy, but I think it will be fine once it's in the quilt.

I also made the Chicken Foot block.  I really like it, but it was a little challenging putting the four quadrants together.  It's not perfect, but I'm okay with that.  I'm trying to shake some of my perfectionist tendencies.  

Here are all of the blocks together.  I'm still a little bit behind schedule, but I also cut two more blocks out so that I can sew them together in class tonight.  If all goes well, I will have two more blocks on my wall by the end of the night.  The 6" size is proving to be a challenge, but I just adore how they look.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Design Wall Monday 05/18/15

My design wall is a little sparse today.  I finished the March block for Pat Sloan's Block of the Month project (yes, I'm a little behind).  It is the lowest block on the right-hand side.  The circle of geese on the left was made over a year ago - before we moved.  I'm not sure what I will do with this one, but I love looking at it, and I recently found it in a pile of things that hadn't been sorted after the move (which, by the way, was a year ago now!).  Then in the center is a pinwheel block that I machine quilted and is just waiting for binding.  I made it to put under a houseplant because right now there is just a magazine there to protect the table it is on.  Below that block is the first block of the Farm Girl Vintage sew along.  It's looking a little lonely, but I have three more blocks all cut out and ready to sew together tonight.  I've chosen to make the 6" version of these blocks and boy is that small.  It's bigger than my Dear Jane blocks, but still pretty small in the scheme of things.  I hope to have four of those blocks on my wall by the end of the night.  We'll see how that pans out!

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